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Busticks is a free travel app in which
you can offer your tour packages to travelers and reach a wider audience in a few clicks

What problems will Busticks solves?

Unrivaled Tour Package Management

With our mobile app, you get powerful tools to create, edit and promote tour packages. Our app simplifies the process of managing and updating offers, helping you to respond quickly to customer needs.

Attracting New Customers

Our platform connects you to thousands of travelers looking for unique tours. With our app, you can showcase your tour packages and attract new customers, expanding your customer base.

Effective Marketing and Promotion

We provide you with the tools to effectively market your tour packages. With our advertising capabilities and analytics, you can increase the visibility and competitiveness of your offers, attracting even more customers.


Users can safely buy your tour packages in one click. Our experts have taken care of the secure transactions

You can manage your tour packages, prices and information directly through the app from any device


Get a user-friendly admin panel for your agency


Each board corresponds to a different stage of the project. The clear and simple interface helps to focus and correctly distribute tasks.

Make it simple, easy and fast, reach a large audience in seconds

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Review: 10 +

Busticks keeps a commission only for sold tours

Rating : 4,5 +
Review: 100 +

Reasons to work with Busticks

Saves you time

Our platform streamlines travel agency operations, saving time and enhancing efficiency in managing tours and bookings

Technical support

Enjoy 24/7 online support from experienced experts who are ready to assist you with any questions or information you need at your convenience

User-friendly interface

Our platform features an intuitive and user-friendly interface, ensuring that even newcomers can easily navigate

Always on the phone

We free you from routine and take care of tourist support round the clock


Read the testimonials from your satisfied customers who have already experienced the benefits of our platform and join the ranks of those who trust us with their trips.


Get a report on new prices, competitors, movements, new advantages and many other important things.

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